Think what would you do if suddenly your Windows stopped working and you are unable to access your files stored in your c drive? You will find yourself helpless in that condition and will be worried for your important data stored in c drive. You have no way other than formatting and reinstalling Windows in that situation that will clear all of your programs and data saved in OS drive.

There are many other reasons when we need to restore our PC Windows;

  • If important system files gets damaged and your system don’t work properly
  • Your OS is infected by malwares
  • Any important software stops working
  • Any other unknown / unidentified issue

Formatting and reinstalling Windows is really a headache and requires lots of time and work to get all your programs back. Still you will lose programs data, settings and more and you need to reconfigure it all.


It would be better if you find a way with which you can restore your OS drive ( c drive ) in emergency conditions without any hassle. Even you can restore your OS including your programs and saved data on drive c.

AOMEI Backupper Free but powerful backup restore tool for Windows

Yes. This software works just like a genie to protect your operating system and you can restore a backup even when you doesn’t have any access to your Windows OS. All you need to do is taking a daily or weekly backup of your system drive and keeping backups onto a different drive.

Below is the step by step guide how to use Backupper to backup and restore Windows

Backing up data with Backupper

Step 1 – Taking backup

  • On the software screen click on Backup tab


  • Click on ‘System Backup” and give an appropriate name to your backup. I will suggest you to give it a name including backup date


  • Select location where you want to store your backup. It must be other than system drive


  • Click on Schedule button if you want to run backup automatically daily.


Note– Keep in mind that Backupper free edition doesn’t delete old backup files automatically and you will have to remove older backup files manually when space is insufficient in the drive.

I suggest you to keep at least 10 copies of your C drive

Step 2 – Creating a Bootable flash drive

Backupper offers ultimate protection against corrupt and inaccessible Window. If you are unable to access your OS, you can use this bootable pen drive to run Backupper in standalone mode and it will restore your selected backup even when Windows OS is not running

  • Go to Utilities section and click on “Create Bootable media”


  • Select Windows PE mode and then UEFI boot mode


On the next screen you will see three options;

    • Create a bootable CD/DVD
    • Create a bootable pen drive
    • Create an ISO image that can be burn later to a CD/DVD or USB drive
  • After making desired choice, click next and Backupper will create bootable drive/image automatically

If you create an ISO image, save it to any external USB HDD or to any other device like your Smartphone. When you need it burn it to a flash drive or CD/DVD to  boot it in emergency conditions

Restoring data with Backupper

When you can access your PC

  • Open Backupper
  • Go to Restore tab and select desired backup to restore


Backupper will restart system automatically and on reboot it will start restoring the backup. It make few minutes in restoration. System will reboot automatically after restoration. You may get no Operating System found error if you have multiple drives in your PC. Don’t panic because it is not a problem. All you need to do is go to BIOS and select your HDD as primary boot device.

If you are unable to access your PC

In this condition use the bootable flash drive or CD/DVD that was created by you in step 2. Attach Flash Drive / CD/DVD and boot PC and go to the BIOS to select Flash Drive / CD/DVD. System will be booted and Backupper will run in standalone mode. You need to locate backup and then you can restore it.

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