We are not talking about sharing files using internet but sending and receiving files over WiFi using popular FTP software FileZilla. In fact it is one of the best way to quickly connect to your mobile to PC without entering Auth keys like in SuperBeam. Use only quick connect button whenever you want to transfer files between devices and do whatever you want with your Android Smartphone data. It is damn easy to transfer bulk files between computer and Android mobile using this method. And yes, it is completely free and no pro version is required as in SuperBeam method.


  • Both devices must be connected to the same WiFi network ( via a WiFi router or via Mobile WiFi hotspot network)
  • FileZilla on PC (Free)
  • ES Explorer app on Android mobile (free)

On your mobile

  • Install ES File Explorer for free from Google Play
  • Now open the app and access its setting sidebar clicking on a toggle button on top left.


  • Click on Remote Manager


  • Here turn on the FTP for your device (via connected WiFi). Keep in mind that this FTP access is only for WiFi not for internet.


  • On the same page click on “settings” and go to “Set Manage account”
  • Create a FTP user adding any desired username and password

Cool. Your mobile device is ready for FTP access over the WiFi and it is secured with username and password your provided

On your PC

Download and Install latest version of FileZilla for free

Open it and enter FTP details in Quick connect bar;

  • Hostname ( ftp address without typing ftp://)
  • Username and password generated by you

Image 11


Image 12

You will be connected to your mobile and FileZilla will list all your Android data storage in its right file explorer. Now you have PC and mobile explorer side by side and you can send files and folders between these two explorer with mouse drag.

or you can use option;

  • upload to send files to mobile in right Window
  • download to send files to PC in left Window

When you done fine transfer, you can turn off FTP server in Android > ES Explorer > Settings > Remote manager > Turn off

Your next usage will be very simple. All you need to do is Turn on FTP server in mobile and then quick connect in FileZilla (no need to enter FTP details again and again)

For more understanding watch our Video demo of this tutorial