MIUI phones like Redmi Note 4, Redmi Note 5 comes with in-built call recording feature and no 3rd party app is required to record calls. With MIUI call recorder, you can record calls manually aur automatically. If automatic call recorder is activated still you can disable call recording for a particular incoming call using dedicated recording button ON/OFF.

Method 1

MIUI has its own great way to manage recorded calls and you can explore all recorded calls for any contact from call log.

  • To access call recordings for a specific contact go to that contact detail page and click on call history

  • On call history page you can see all calls related to that number. Additional you will see an icon named “Recorded Calls” at the bottom left. Tap on this button and you will find all recorded calls there

Method 2

If due to any reason you lose your call log or your phone settings are reset then you will not be able to access recorded calls by above given method. But no worry you can still access recorded audios via file manager. All audio files are saved in phone memory and you can access them.

I tell you that exact location where MIUI saves call recording audio.

  • First of all go to file manager of your phone
  • Now browse internal storage of your phone. You need to tap on small folder icon at top left of your mobile display

  • In internal storage look for a folder named “MIUI”

  • In MIUI folder go to > sound_recorder > call_rec

  • Here you can find all recorder calls

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