Accessing your Windows PC on your Android phone is really a great idea – you can access whichever file, folder or even a whole hard disk drive on your Android phone. All you need to do is to follow this tutorial to get this idea working.


  • Your Windows PC and Android Phone both are connected to the same WiFi network (for instance connected to an ADSL Modem with WiFi connectivity)
  • ES File Explorer Android App installed on your Wireless Android device (your mobile)

On your Windows PC

  • Open your PC and right click on the folder or drive that you want to access on your Android phone


  • In pop-up menu hover the mouse on option “Share” and then select option “Advanced sharingadvanced-sharing-of-drive-folder2
  • In Advanced Sharing panel simple click OK. We having done so, this drive or folder has been shared on WiFi network


Note – Keep in mind that you must set a password for your Windows PC account to get sharing working

On your Android Phone

  • Install ES File Explorer app on your Android Device


  • Open the app and find the option LAN


  • In LAN panel, click on SCAN button to list all network connected devices


  • Choose your Computer among these device by clicking on it


  • You will be prompted to enter username and password. Enter the computer username and password and if you want to remember this username and password on this mobile then choose “remember password”.



ES Explorer will display the shared drive of Windows PC and you can access all file and folder in this drive. You can play media, copy to device etc..