Being signed-in in our Google account we watch several videos including some content that we don’t let others show. This happens if some content of our watched videos may be adult or of any other kind of content that we will not want to show publicly. If our Google account is used only by us then there will be no issue because no one can see YouTube history unless he is logged to our account. But if we are compelled to share our Google account with anybody else, he can see our YouTube watch history and find out what we have watched recently or in the past.

That is why Google offers an option to clear YouTube watch history. You can clear entire watch history or you can even clear history for some specific watched videos.

Deleting History on Desktop PC

  • Open and login using your Google account detail
  • In left sidebar you will see a link labeled “history”. Click on this label to access History manager


  • Here you can clear not only all of your search history but also any selected watched video history.


  • You can also use “Pause History” option to prevent YouTube from saving your history in future.

Clearing History on your Android device

Open your YouTube app on Android device


If you want to clear all history or you want to pause the history click on the button at top right corner. You will see option Settings. Go to settings > Privacy. Here you can wipe out all your history, search history. Even you can pause search history.

If you want to clear  any specific watched video from history then click on the button at top left. In the appeared menu, you will see the option labeled “History”. On accessing this option, you will be able to remove individual watched video from search history.