Post date is a very important thing in terms of SEO. If you are running a news portal, post date becomes an essential part of a published post, because nobody will give a damn to a news article having no traces of when it is published. But if you are running a website with evergreen content such as tutorial and training portals or any other kind of website whose content is barely updated, you will want to hide publish date for posts.

Most of the WordPress themes comes with a feature rich option panel including the option to enable or disable date, thanks to the WordPress development reaching its acme. Elegant Themes is the biggest WordPress theme club includes over 70 premium themes and 5+ premium plugins. Divi and Extra are the flagship themes of the Elegant Themes club membership plan.

In this tutorial we will show you how to disable date for any Elegant Theme with a few simple clicks

Simple and easy way for beginners

  • First of all log into your WordPress admin panel
  • Location Theme options (in admin panel left menu bar)

Elegant Themes - Theme Options

  • In theme option panel switch to “Layout” tab and disable the Date as shown in image below

Elegant Themes - Disabling Date in Post


Hide date for Advanced users

  1. If you have a little knowledge of how to add CSS code, it would be better to get rid of post date from everywhere
  2. Go to the theme options > General Settings > Scroll down to the bottom and locate Custom CSS field
  3. Add the following line of code in Custom CSS field;

span.updated {display:none;}