There was a time when Hindi typing seemed to be cracking hard nuts. There is no native support in Windows or Mac to write in Hindi easily and you must need to learn Hindi typing with a specific font. But now it is a thing of a bygone time. In Windows, Android and even in Mac you can type in Hindi as you are typing in English. Just type words in English and they will convert in Hindi font automatically. Additionally, suggestions of similar words appears inline when you type so that you could pick right one for you.

In Windows and Android, it is easy to get your hands on Hindi to English typing with Google input tools. But people who search “Google Input Tools” for Mac find no result as Input Tools is not available for Mac right now.

But, for your information, you can type Hindi in Mac easily like a pro and no additional tool is required. All you need to do is setting up an additional language in your Keyboard and it is really very easy. So lets get started and learn it within a minute

On your Mac screen, at the top left corner of your Mac screen, click on the logo of Apple

In drop-down options in Click on “System preferences”

Click on Keyboard

Find and Click on “input sources”

Click on “+” button and it will display a search bar

Type “Hindi” in search bar. You will see a three type of “Hindi input” as a search result

Choose “Hindi transliteration” and then Click on “Add button”


All set. Your Hindi typing is ready. To type in Hindi use “Control and Space” to choose between different input methods