Hindi typing is now easy and it requires no additional app or software. Formerly Hindi typing is not that easy and people would learn Hindi typing using some specific Hindi fonts.

I remember a software names HindiPad that I tried back in 2012 and at that moment no other comprehensive way to convert English typing to Hindi typing. HindiPad was a paid software. I could type in it but I couldn’t save the document. Addtionally fonts were limited too.

Now things are changed and automatic Hindi typing is cross-platform compatible. You can type Hindi in Windows, Android and Mac with no 3rd party software.

In this tutorial I tell you how to find and use beautiful fonts and change default font while you are using Hindi input. The thing is when we search for fonts for our English to Hindi typing we generally don’t know that there are two types of Hindi Fonts – Legacy and Unicode. Legacy Fonts are not compatible with automatic Hindi typing or in my words “Hinglish to Hindi typing”.

To implement custom text style we need to reply upon Unicode fonts. There are lots of lovely Unicode Hindi fonts available to download for free. All you need to do is to search for “free Unicode Hindi fonts download


At the top of the search result you will find best websites that contain free downloads of many popular Unicode Hindi fonts. These fonts work perfect for your easy Hindi typing available when you type in English keyboard.

At IndiaTyling.com you can find many great Unicode Hindi fonts and you can download them for free. Download page is here

How to install a font.

Download and unzip the archive. Then double-click the font file and it installs automatically. After installation, restart your text editor to load the newly installed font.

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