Either you are having an eye on your competitors or you are chasing a popular website, you will be curious what stuff that website is using to boost its functionality. For instance, you may wonder what is the name of the theme of xyztutorials.com or which plugin we, at xyztutorials.com are using. Though we will not be reluctant to tell you what theme or plugins are powering our website but still you would like to know how to know about the theme and plugins used by any WordPressPress website.

In this tutorial we will tell you about the possible ways to find out which theme and plugins are working in the backend of a WordPress website

Using Browser code inspector tool

This is the most effective way to discover which and how many plugins are being utilized in a WordPress installation

  • Open the site that plugins you want to know about in the browser
  • Use Ctrl+U to open page source code
  • Now use Ctrl+F to appear “find bar”
  • In find bar type the following line; wp-content/plugins

XYZ Tutorials - Plugin detector

  • Browser will highlight all the text wp-content/plugins in the source code
  • All you need to do is noting the text followed by wp-content/plugins. It will be the name of plugin. for instance if there is a line wp-content/plugins/monarch,¬†then red text will be the name of a plugin

How to detect which theme is activated on a site

Just like above given way, you can find out which theme is working for a WordPress site. Just find wp-content/themes in source code.

Note – Some WordPress owners use child themes that are masked with any custom name. To discover the parent theme search for wp-content/themes/childtheme/style.css

  • Here replace the red text with the child theme name
  • Open the style.css and you will surely have some traces of parent theme inside this stylesheet file

Additionally, there are some online tools that help find theme and plugins of a WordPress. But those tools are not able to provide the complete data. wpthemedetector.com is one of those tools.