Google image search is the easiest way to explore millions of online images from different websites. You can download them and use them for your personal use. Let it be known that many of images shown in Google search are copyright and must not be used without author permission. You may face copyright strikes if image owner file a DMCA complaint against your web page that include the image.

In this tutorial we will learn how to find images with transparent background in Google search and it is really very simple. Google image search comes with lots of parameters to filter search result such as image size, usage right, types of image, type of background and much more.

You can filter images with “transparent background”, however, this background type parameter is not clearly visible. “Background type” parameter is named as “Image color” that creates a little confusion and that is it. So lets get started how to filter images with transparent background in Google search.

Type in your browser bar or simply open and search what you are looking for

For example, we are looking for a high resolution “jennifer aniston” image.

type “jennifer aniston” in search bar

Click on Tools

Choose image size large (to display only high-resolution images)

Choose image color transparent

All set. With these search settings, only high-resolution images with transparent background will appear in the search result