Do you know the way with which you could find out the age of a website? If it is out of your knowledge then we tell you in this simple tutorial to estimate how long ago a website had been started by someone. However it is not definite to find out the exact age of a website but average age of a website can be calculated with these methods.

First method – By checking WHOIS detail of a domain

Every domain has some of its details that can be viewed even when it is registered privately such as Domain creation date, expiration date etc. With any free WHOIS checker (e.g. anyone can find out the domain creation date and thus website age can be calculated with the help of WHOIS record.


Second method – Checking Website archives using Wayback Machine

But some domains get expired and resold by registrars or by the domain owner. Once a domain expires existing website will get dead and one who buys the domain may again start a new website on the same domain. It means there may exist more than one website on a single domain and this condition mess up our WHOIS based website age calculation. So WHOIS based calculation may be inaccurate if a domain was registered very early and website is set up after a long time after domain registration.

Wayback Machine


Wayback Machine is an excellent and unique online database that captures website cache regularly and makes this cache searchable based on calendar. You can browse available cache of a website in live condition. Wayback machine captures a website at least once a month and utmost many times a month (however an inactive website may be an exception when its cache of some months may be missing). With the help of available cache copies you can estimate the age of a website.