Sometime we need to run resource intensive tasks in our PC that consume 100% CPU until they finish their process such as video rendering. For instance, when we produce a video file using programs like Camtasia/Sony Vegas/Pinnacle etc. they render at full CPU to speedup their task. In that condition mostly we need to leave the computer idle. If we don’t do that and try to use other programs in PC, the whole system may crash or PC may not run smoothly for other programs.

If a program that requires 100% CPU for several minutes, it is better to get out of your chair, walk around a little and if possible take a sip of tea.. But the trouble started when you parallely need to do another important work in PC.

In this tutorial we will learn how to limit CPU usage for a single process so that we can any other important work simultaneously.

Note – Limiting a process may slow down the process or it may not work properly.

Bes or Battle Encoder Shirasé – It is a free CPU throttling tool for Windows. With the help of this small program you can choose any running program and throttle it. You can define the CPU limit for select program.

How to limit CPU using BES

First download the app for free. It is a portable app and you don’t need to install it. Just unpack the zip and execute the program

You will see a simple command-line interface type of program popup window/p>

Click on target/p>

You will see all running programs/p>

Select the program that you want to limit CPU for/p>

Click on “limit this” button/p>



Adjust the slider to limit cpu (more is the negative value less is the cpu available for the program)

This way you can control CPU usage for any running program