Redmi 5 or Note 5 are the highest selling and most powerful Redmi phones by Xiaomi. Xiaomi has been ruling budget segment mobile market for almost two years and in 2018 it tops the mobile market share in India. No doubt that Redmi phones are the biggest reason behind this resounding success Xiaomi.

In this tutorial we are going to explain and show everything on how to install TWRP recovery and root Redmi 5

There are four main steps in this tutorial

  1. Install ADB and devices drivers on PC
  2. First unlock boot-loader of your device
  3. Install TWRP Recovery
  4. Root the Phone

Disclaimer – We never rewrite tutorials from other websites and every tutorial is written after testing by our team. We have done our best to complete this tutorial. Still we want to warn you that unlocking and flashing any 3rd party recovery and tool may be risky and you may brick your device.

Install ADB and Fastboot on PC

install ADB and Fastboot with drivers

Ver 1.3 download link 

Ver 1.4.3 Download Link

If 1.4.3 don’t work, try 1.3. We did the same and 1.3 worked for us.
When you run ADB installer, it opens command window.

How to unlock bootloader of Redmi 5

You have no control on unlocking boot loader and it depends on Xiaomi whether they allow you to unlock boot loader or after how many days of unlock request your bootloader will be unlocked.

First of all on your phone’s browser go to Official Mi Unlock Page
Here Click on Unlock Now  button
You will then require to sign in to your Mi account (This page may be in Chinese by default. You can Translate it to English)

After singing in you will be sent to download page of mi unlock tool
Download unlock tool and install it to PC

In your phone activate developers mode


How to activate developers mode in Redmi Note 5 or any other MIUI device

Go to device settings > About Phone

Here tap thrice on MIUI version and you will unlock developers option

You can access developers option in Settings > Additional Settings

In developers options enable option “Allow OEM Unlock”

In developers options go to “unlock status” and add your Mi Account here

Enable USB debugging in developers option

Power on the phone holding Power Button and Volume down button. This will boot the device in fastboot mode
Now connect your phone to your PC
Run the Unlock tool.
Unlock tool will require internet access, so make sure your PC have an active internet connection and no firewall is blocking unlock tool from accessing internet
Sign in to your Mi account in Unlock tool interface

Hit the Unlock button. Unlock tool starts working but it may terminate the process and gives you a certain time duration. Usually Xiaomi put a barrier of 15 days to unlock the device. So you need to wait for the given time limit.
After this applied limit is over, again run the unlock tool > sing in to Mi account and connect your phone in the same way you used previously (fastboot mode)
Hit the Unlock button and within one minute your device, highly likely, will be unlocked

Installing TWRP recovery

Now place the downloaded recovery image file in the same folder where ADB is installed (if it is packed in a zip unzip the image file first)
After putting recovery image file there, open that folder and open the command window. To open the command window type “cmd” in Windows Explorer address bar and hit the Keyboard Enter button. You can see the video below for better understanding
Power off the device
Power on it using Power button and Volume down button simultaneously until you see the fastboot interface as shown in the given image

This will get your phone into Fastboot mode
Connect your phone to PC via USB.
Allow USB debugging if prompted on phone display
Now in terminal/command window type the following command fastboot flash recoveryfilename.fileextension and hit the keyboard Enter key

Green text – Replace it with the recovery file name

Blue text – replace it with the image file extension


For example if your recovery file is twrp-rosy.img then you should type fastboot flash twrp-rosy.img

See the video tutorial for better understanding

Recovery will be installed in your phone using this command

Now enter the following command fastboot reboot

Important -This will reboot your device in TWRP recovery. If you don’t reboot using this command, your phone’s stock recovery will overwrite TWRP recovery. So, you must reboot your phone using this command just after flashing the TWRP recovery

Now you can reboot your phone by holding power key for a few seconds or using Reboot > Reboot to system in TWRP

How to root Redmi 5 and Note 5/5plus or Redmi Note 5 Pro

Download the Magisk zip file and put it to your phone internal memory or micro SD card or even OTG pen drive is supported

Download Magisk

Again boot the phone in TWRP recovery holding power key and volume UP key
Click on Install
Choose storage
See the video how to locate a file to install in TWRP recovery
Choose Magsik zip file and use Swipe to Flash option.

If no error message appears, your phone will be rooted. After that you can reboot your phone holding power key or tapping reboot to system option

To check whether your phone is rooted or not, install Root Checker free app from Google play