Battery is one of the biggest issue for mid-ranger Android phones. Android is a resource consuming platform that requires a lot of power to run various system and installed applications. However, many smartphones are coming packed with in-built battery optimization utilities. For example Meizu phones run on a custom UI names Flyme OS. This UI offers different power saving modes including Ultra Power Saving mode. In ultra power saving mode, system disables everything but call and message functionality and increase battery life many times.

Similar functionality can be found in Huawei, Xiaomi, Qiku and many other brands, particularly Chinese brands.

But what if your phone doesn’t have any built-in feature to save battery or the pre-installed features is not so efficient to save battery? Draining of battery too rapidly is very annoying and you may be pretty disappointed when the phone battery doesn’t last even for a day.

Here are quick tips to cut extra load on your phone’s battery

Clean Master is the best way

Whether or not your phone has in-built cleaner, you should not hesitate to install Clean Master app as it stands out. This app truly cares for your phone and clean it regularly. With the help of this app, you can clean system junk to clear slots of space and to optimize system performance.

Auto-clear apps with Clean master

  • This is the most effective way to save battery. If you enable auto-killing of apps running in background, it will cut huge load on battery.
  • To enable this option, open Clean Master
  • Click on Option “Me”

Clean Master App - Clear apps 1

  • Go to settings

Clean Master App - Clear apps 2

  • Enable ‘Auto Battery Saver on screen off”

Clean Master App - Clear apps 3

  • On enabling this option, Clean Master clear most of the apps (who are not protected by system) when screen will be turned off.

Clean Master App - Battery Saver

Clean Master Battery Saver

Clean Master comes with an innovative battery saving tool. This tool hibernate applications running unnecessarily in background to save the battery at maximum extent.

Clean Master - Battery Saver 2


Disable idle system applications

How to disable Android System apps

There may be many system application that run in background. Also there are some pre-installed apps in your Smartphones and can’t be uninstalled. But you can disable these apps in application manager. Better to identify these apps and disable them.