In our last post we told you how to find transparent background images in Google search. Now, in this post we will learn how to filter transparent background images in Bing search.

Bing search is as much powerful as Google search and searching content in this search engine is much like that of Google search. Bing is a search engine owned by Microsoft and it is the biggest competitor to Google search. Bing search is said to be fairly accurate and spam free. So, let’s discover how to find high-resolution png transparent images in Bing image search.

Finding images with transparent background is very easy in Bing search and you can easily make use of it.

Disclaimer – Images appearing in Bing search result may subject to copyright


Open and search what you are looking for

Click on the “image” tab to explore images

Click on “Filter” in top right corner

Chose Size “Large” to filter high-resolution images

Choose Image type “Transparent” to display images with transparent background