If any of your incoming call is very private and you even don’t want to show the number of caller to anyone you may be worried in the situation. if you need to go to toilet or bathroom keeping your phone openly in a family or public area because Android default lock code can’t lock any incoming call. However it is pretty unusual but in some cases it might be must to save your secrets – for example if your girlfriend calls you and you will not let your family members receive the call.

You need a comprehensive locking feature that will set an immediate lock when you get an incoming call. Here we are introducing two ways to achieve this feature:

Method 1


  • Open Google Play on your phone and install Smart App Protector
  • Enter default password 7777 to enter the software interface
  • Then go to setting > Password and Pattern settings. Set your app password here
  • On the setting page scroll down to bottom and locate the option System Lock. In this section you will find several options like Incoming call lock, Outgoing call lock etc. Activate incoming call lock here and that’s all. Your incoming calls are now protected with the lock your set in Smart App Protector. Don’t forget to add this app as device admin so that it can’t be uninstalled or stopped by any other person.

Method 2


  • Install AppLock and configure its password and other essential features
  • Now in Advanced section, you will see Incoming call lock on/off switch
  • All you need to do is Switch on this option and then all your incoming calls will be protected with lock code set by you in this app.