It is really funny but too annoying when someone send you an FB app request again and again. Candy Crush Saga is a popular game on Android, iPhone and on many other platforms. This game connects its users via Facebook and offers extra Lives to its users if they ask their Facebook friends. In this case Candy Crush players bother their friends again and again by sending them this game invite. In fact people are crazy about this game but it is also true that many people like me hate this game and never like to get notification of Candy Crush Saga requests from their friends.

Here is simple and easy tutorial to get rid of Candy Crush Saga requests or any other app request from friends

  • First of all login to your Facebook account
  • Then look at your Facebook page top bar and you will see an arrow button on top right of menu bar


  • Just click on this button and it will show a dropdown menu
  • From this dropdown menu, you will need to click on “Settings”


  • On setting page you will find an option “Blocking”. Click on this link.


  • On the blocking page, you can block many things such as People Block, App Invite Block, App block etc.
  • In “Block App Invite” Section, you will need to add your friends names from whom you don’t want to get App invites like Candy Crush Saga invites.


That’s it. Whoever is added in this list, you would not get any Candy Crush or other app invite from them.

If you want to stop all people from sending an App invite, simply block that app and you will never receive any message or invite regarding that app.