Coolpad note 3 the most affordable Smartphone with 3GB RAM and a fingerprint sensor. Fingerprint scanner of Coolpad Note is blazingly fast, and it is located on the rear panel just below the camera.

In this tutorial, we will tell you about the different ways to capture a screenshot with Coolpad Note 3.

Method 1 – Innovative method of capturing screen – using 3 fingers option

Coolpad Note Cool UI us highly optimized and comes with several customization options. One of them is the Smart Control. With the help of Smart Control, you can activate multiple-screens, glove mode, cover mode in addition to the “three screenshot” mode.

Activating ‘three screenshot” enables a swipe gesture on the screen, the three finger gesture.

To capture the screenshot, being on the screen that you want to capture, swipe your three fingers down on the screen.

Step by step

Taking Screenshot on Coolpad Note 3

  1. Go to settings > Smart control
  2. Enable the option “Three Screenshot”
  3. Now reach the exact screen that you want to capture
  4. put any of your three fingers on the screen and then swipe them down
  5. screenshot will be captured and you can access it in Gallery > Screenshots (folder)

Method 2 – Using Volume and power button

This is the default method to take screenshot on any Android phone. All you need to do is locating your phone’s power button and volume down button.

In Coolpad Note 3, Volume rockers are on the left side and power button is on the right

Step by step

  1. Put one finger on volume down button and another on power button.
  2. Press both the buttons at once to capture a screenshot
  3. screenshot will be saved in gallery > screenshot (folder)