In this tutorial we will tell you about the different possible ways to take screenshot on LG G4 without using any 3rd party apps that mostly require rooting the device.

LG G4 is a powerful Android Smartphone that features a 5.5 inches 2K display, 16MP camera and Snapdragon 808 hexa-core CPU and much more. The device has a whopping 3GB of RAM, 32GB internal memory and up to 128GB expandable memory slot.

First way to take screenshot on LG G4

You can take screenshot on LG G4 by pressing Volume Down and power button together. Volume keys and power button are located at the back panel of the phone just below the camera. Unlike the devices which have power button and volume button mounted on the sides of the phone, taking screenshot on LG G4 using this method is not so convenient. Power button and volume down button are too much close, and it may be difficult for the people who have fatty finger to keep fingers on both the buttons at once.

Step by step

  1. Put your one finger on Volume down button
  2. Out your another finder on power button that is located between Volume keys
  3. Press both the buttons simultaneously to capture the screen

LG G4 taking screenshot

Another better way using Quick Memo

With LG custom application Quick Memo it is rather better to capture what is on the screen with 100% accuracy rate. This method works not only for LG g4 but also other LG devices like LG G2, LG G3 etc. To capture screen with this method, you need to slide down the notification bar and locate the Quick Memo icon. Click on the Quick Memo and icon and then, on the quick memo screen, click on the save button. This way, screenshot will be saved in gallery‚Äôs gallery’s screenshot folder.

Step by step

  1. While being on the screen that you want to capture, slide down the notification bar
  2. Locate the Quick Memo icon and click on it
  3. Quick Memo option bar will appear on top of the screen
  4. All you need to do is click on the save button and the screenshot will be saved.