Oneplus 2 is one of the most robust Android Smartphone that is available at pretty affordable price. The devices packs 4GB of RAM and a mighty Snapdragon 810 processor making the device one of the most efficient Smartphones available at only for $380.

Here we will tell you how to take screenshot on Oneplus 2. There are two ways to capture screenshot on the device without using any external application usage.

Method 1 – Step by Step

Screenshot on Oneplus 2 2

  1. Get on the screen that you want to capture
  2. Hold down your phone’s power button
  3. A menu with three options will be appeared – Power Off, Reboot, Screenshot
  4. You need to click on “Screenshot” option to capture the screen

Method 2 – Step by Step

Screenshot on OnePlus 2

  1. While being on the screen you want to capture, keep of of your finger on Power button and another finder on Volume Down button
  2. Press both the buttons together to capture the screenshot