Generally we require 3rd party WiFi server to transfer files between PC and Android phone. ES File Explorer and many other apps like Mi Airdrop reply on this kind of connectivity. In this post we are introducing an Android App that doesn’t require any 3rd party WiFi server and it uses your phone WiFi hotspot to share files between Windows and Android. You need to create and activate WiFi hotspot and connect your PC with this hotspot.

Yes. AirMore is an amazing and hassle free Android app to transfer files to and from your mobile device. You can browse, play, download and upload files on your mobile device using a beautiful web interface on your PC.


  • AirMore free Android app
  • WiFi hotspot
  • PC connected to your phone WiFi hotspot
First create WiFi hotspot on your Android mobile
Install and run AirMore app from Google Play
On AirMore app interface, go to “more”
Tap on Hotspot

Enable Hotspot and copy the server address

Now get to your PC and connect it to mobile hotspot
Open any Internet browser on PC (Chrome recommended) and enter the server address copied from AirMore. Make sure AirMore is running in foreground on phone

After entering AirMore created server address into browser address bar, on your AirMore screen you will be prompted to accept connection request

When you accept connection request on your mobile’s Airmore screen, your phone is connected to PC and you can browse and transfer files in/out using mobile hotspot.

Transfer speed with AirMore is much better than FTP

When you do your file transfer, close the AirMore tab in your internet browser and exit AirMore app on phone. This will ensure the secure connection closer and nobody could access your mobile data via browser until you open AirMore again an.d accept connection request