File transfer between PC and Android phone may be very annoying sometime. everyone want to transfer files between PC and Android wireless and avoid plugging in their device via USB. ThereĀ  are many wifi direct sharing apps to send files between tow Android devices but only a few are available to send and receive files between mobile and PC.

FTP is a good way to send and recieve files between Android mobile and Windows PC. But he issue is that not all phones come with built-in FTP client and you need to reply on ES File Explorer to transfer files between PC and Android using FTP protocol. But the issue is that ES File Explorer has been flagged as a spying software by many intelligence agencies in world and for many people, credibility of this app is under suspicion.

Mi Drop is official app from Xiaomi and now it is available via Google Play. To a great extent we can trust Xiaomi and Mi Drop.

Mi Drop offers transferring files between two Android devices seamlessly like FilesGO and Shareit. Mi Drop also offers FTP server creation if your phone is connected to a WiFi network (it is the sad limitation of most of the FTP based file transfer app. You need to connect your PC and Phone to a WiFi router or a 3rd party phone’s hotspot)

So lets get started


  • Mi Drop app installed (Available on Play Store)
  • Phone and PC both need to be connected to the same WiFi network. You can’t use your phone’s own hotspot
  • Filezilla Free software installed on your Windows PC
Connect your phone and PC to a WiFi network
Open Mi Drop and tap on the setting button at top right of the screen

Create username and password for your FTP

Start FTP server

Now get to your PC and download and run Filezilla free FTP software
In Filezilla connect bar enter Mi Drop created FTP host, username/password and FTP port as shown in the image below


Click on Quickconnect button
If you go through the tutorial correctly, FileZilla connect your phone storage and you will be able to see all phone files/folders in right window

You can transfer in and out from phone using FileZilla