YouTube is the largest video website and no one even could imagine how much data is hosted on YouTube, virtually immeasurable for us. Several channels are uploading full length TV dramas, shows and serials on YouTube. Also you can avail several full movies on YouTube uploaded by their owners or any other person.

The question is how to find out full TV episodes instead of their teasers that are generally appear on top of your search result. Sometimes it becomes like finding a needle in a haystack that consume your time.

In this easy and step by step tutorial we will learn how to quickly find full length TV shows and movies if exist on YouTube

  • Log on to the YouTube
  • Search for the desired TV show or movie

Watch full TV shows on YouTube

  • Click on the filter button just below the search bar of YouTube. It will display a dropdown menu with several option.

Watch full TV shows on YouTube1

  • In the dropdown menu, go to duration and select the duration “long”

Watch full TV shows on YouTube2

  • On you doing so, YouTube will show only large size videos and you will be able to access all available full length TV shows’ episodes and movies effortlessly
  • If you are on YouTube app, first make your search and then click on a setting icon at top right. It will show an option panel. Select video duration “long” in this panel to show long duration videos