It is quite annoying for you if someone is trying to know who is calling you and what is the number of person who is calling. There are some times when you need to hide identity and phone number of caller. Unfortunately there is no built-in option in Android phones to hide caller ID or rename caller ID and phone number. Additionally there are no many apps that offer this feature.

A couple of year back, a phone came with native option to display fake name and phone number on incoming call screen for select contacts. But unfortunately that company (Qiku) discontinued its mobile manufacturing and Android software development. Later on no phone has been seen with this kind of feature.

I found an app on Google Play that lets us not only add lock on incoming calls but also allow hiding number and renaming caller name. But wait. Don’t get too happy. I want to to clear that this Android app doesn’t k with all mobile phones. But I am sure it will work with many phones. So try your luck.

What is the name of the app that hide contact number and display a disguise

The name of this app is Couchgram, Incoming call lock and app lock. As its name suggest, it serves app lock feature too that can be integrated with phone fingerprint scanner (Android 60 is required).

So lets have a look how Couchgram incoming call disguise feature works and how it conceals identity of your private callers.

Couchgram requires Android 6 or higher version to work properly in your phone.

If your phone is compatible to Couchgram you can do the following things

  • You can lock incoming calls
  • You can hide caller number or caller name or both
  • You can rename caller display name
  • But you can’t display fake number on incoming call screen

Step by Step video tutorial

  • First install Couchgram from Google Play
  • If you don’t found it in Google Play search, it is highly likely, your phone is not compatible to this app. still you can try your luck by downloading it from its official Google Play link . Use any APK downloader to download apk file of Couchgram
  • After installing Couchgram see this video and follow the instructions

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