When you are reading your kindle books in hard sunlight, you may face low brightness issue and vice-versa in darkness. When you find to reach out the option that controls brightness in Kindle, your efforts may be in vain because there is no clear option to adjust display settings in Kindle. It has happened to me when I was reading my books in Kindle when I was getting sunbath on my home’s roof. I used to having automatic brightness in my Android phone that takes the brightness to the full in hard sunlight. But on Kindle interface, brightness became too low to read the content in sunlight.

I tried to find the option that controls brightness in Kindle, but there was no clue to reach that setting. But finally, I discovered the setting that controls brightness in Kindle. Kindle Android app doesn’t have a particular section to customize display settings.

But in fact, it is very simple to adjust the brightness in Kindle App. All you need to do is clicking on Font setting icon

Here you can adjust the brightness for Kindle app

or you can use system brightness to override Kindle brightness settings

Step by Step tutorial

  • Open your Kindle
  • Open a Book to read
  • tap on screen and you will see a top bar
  • Click on Aa icon that represents the font settings

Kindle Adjust Brightness

On the next screen, you will see the options to adjust the brightness. Alternatively, you can choose “use system brightness” setting.

Kindle Adjust Brightness1