There are many times when we need to know about the web hosting on which a website is hosted or which company is hosting a website. For example if you are impressed with the performance of a website, you will want to know the web host of that website. Another case in which you need to know about a site host is if that site contains your copyright content and you want to find out hosting company to compliant against website owner. There might be many other reasons to unveil the host of a website.

Fortunately there are websites those are providing free tools to find out the host of a website. But these kind of websites are not more in number and after searching on the web we found only three websites that reveals the company who hosts a website.

check-host ( Best tool to check hosting)

It is a faster and lighter tool that can not only tells us about web hosting of a website but can also check website performance and speed. i.e. you can check website response time, website uptime status at different location across the world, ping etc. This tool retrieves website host ip address, ISP name, Hosting company name, data center name and location. It also display data center location on map. Site interface is simple and very fast. You don’t find too many additional content on the page that may not be useful for you.

It is another tool that can find out the host that is hosting a website. However, unlike, you may find some ads and additional content on the host checker page. This tool shows hostname, ip address and data center location on map. This tool also list other websites hosted on the same server. You will find a page speed test link at the bottom of the checker page.

This is the first website that offered host finder tool few years ago. And now it is one of the biggest hosting reviewer website. It shows minimal information about web hosting such as provider name,ip address etc. Its tool doesn’t tell about data center location of web host.

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